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Diabetes is not yet curable; however, we know that damage and failed health are not inevitable. You can live a healthy life despite having diabetes by getting regular checkups with your physician and by following my 5 M's of diabetic care detailed in my educational Diabetes Basics DVD.

Remember what you do to maintain good health when you leave the clinic is just as important as anything your doctor can do. Exciting changes are taking place in the field of diabetes research so it's more important than ever to maintain good health so that you're here for the cure. So Take Control with Diabetes Basics.

Dr. David Hite's Diabetes DVD is Amazing!

He explains this complex disease in clear easy to understand terms that make it easy to understand. I wish I would have had this DVD when I was first diagnosed. It would have made understanding what I had to do and how to do it much easier. I think every newly diagnosed diabetic should have this DVD for their personal self-education and to help educate those around them.

Dr. Hite is on the cutting edge of current understanding of how to manage our diabetes. I highly recommend this Diabetes DVD.

Notice below a very well controlled blood sugar reading of 4.4 mmol//L
(79 mg/dl on the U.S. scale) Toma Grubb author of Toma's Diabetic Diet - A Layman's Guide to Controlling Type-2 Diabetes with Diet Toma Grubb - Webmaster, author, talk radio host
Toma Grubb

Radio Talk Show Host:
Living for the Health of it

Toma's Diabetic Diet - A Laymans Guide to Controlling Type-2 Diabetes with Diet.


Dr. Hite's Diabetes Education DVD is outstanding! He is very sincere and approachable.
I recommend it. David Mendosa
David Mendosa - A writer on the web

Dr. Hite's Diabetes DVD was
purchased to play to patients
in our waiting rooms.
We were impressed with his
ability to communicate
sometimes complex concepts
in a caring, positive and
sensitive manner.

Marilyn Droppers, MS, RD, CHES
Executive Consultant
Kaiser Permanente

I'm David  Hite, PhD, a member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. I provide Diabetes Education classes for a large non-profit healthcare organization in Sacramento, California. I know that most of you can't attend my diabetes class in person at the clinic, so I've created an educational DVD to help you understand Type-2 Diabetes, and learn how you can Take Control of Your Diabetes or offer needed help to a friend or loved one who may be struggling to avoid the medical complications that often come with this disease. This DVD is also perfect for those of you who have pre-diabetes and want to reverse those symptoms and avoid progression to diabetes.

Learn at Home with my Informative 82 min Diabetes Education DVD

  • What causes Diabetes and the health risks from uncontrolled Diabetes.
  • Learn about lab tests, medications, monitoring, and a healthy diet.
  • Learn what you can do to Take Control of your Diabetes today.
  • Watch This YouTube Video Clip
    From my Diabetes Basics DVD.

    Click the Illustration Above To
    Watch Your Pancreas In Action


    Take Control Diabetes Basics DVD

    This 82 minute Education DVD is your complete guide through the maze of information about both pre-diabetes and diabetes.

    Bring Diabetes into focus by learning how to:

    • Reverse or delay symptoms of pre-diabetes
    • Live healthy with diabetes and avoid medical complications
    • Understand which lab tests to take and what the results indicate
    • Understand how diabetes medications help control blood sugars
    • Make a healthy meal plan by balancing carbs, proteins and fats
    • Begin an activity program that helps burn excess blood sugars

    Join Thousands of Others Who Have Learned From My Presentations.

    Click here to preview some of the information covered on the DVD. Diabetes Basics: Questions and Answers

    David Hite, PhD, 
American Association of Diabetes Educators

    Diabetes Basics DVD

    $20.00 (free shipping)

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